Chef Lance Seeto | 2014 January

January 2014

Most people may know of the Tongan history in northern islands of Vanua Levu and Lau, but did you know that a Tongan chief settled a part of Sigatoka, on the Coral Coast, around 1800AD? Following a dispute with his brother during the reign of…

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Savusavu is blessed with some of the most unique seafood, fruits and vegetables of the Fiji islands. The European settlers have helped influence the variety of fresh foods on their farms with local chicken, duck, quail, wild pigs, pigeons and for the very brave

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Like most expatriate workers that go to Fiji, Australian Lance Seeto has fallen under the spell of the Melanesian culture’s lifestyle of simplicity and contentment; he’s discovered happiness. Now in his fifth year working on the iconic Castaway Island Fiji, Seeto has become more than…

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