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About The Book

bliss_bookIn the works…

Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would write a book that would inspire others to see the world and the food they eat, differently. Like many people, I have been in search for a meaning and purpose in life. My Western lifestyle was superficial and materialistic, ruled by consumerism. My childhood dreams and aspirations had fallen by the wayside and replaced with a never-ending pursuit of money to satisfy emptiness.

Whether it was by grand design or pure chance, an unassuming culinary post on a tiny South Pacific island was about to take me on a safari of life to discover the way the world used to be. A world where humanity is celebrated, no matter race, religion or creed. A world where multi conglomerate corporations does not own the food. A world where there is little allergy, intolerances or autoimmune disorders relating to food. A world that is content with what little they have.

Coconut Bliss will forever change the way you view the world and the food you eat. Happiness and contentment is infectious in the South Pacific. Love of family and respect of others is paramount. The South Pacific diet of nutrient-rich foods and traditional herbal remedies offers a glimpse into why Western civilization has become so sick.

It took a six year journey of isolation and a disconnection from my world to understand what I have been doing wrong my entire life. But thanks to the people of Fiji, I am now alive and have clarity of mind to pursue my lifelong dreams.