Chef Lance Seeto


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Here is just a sample of  some of the incredibly fresh and delicious dishes that await you during your stay  at the Castaway Island, Fiji. I’ve been truly inspired and blessed and I’ve taken care to use only the finest, freshest,  locally grown ingredients including organic vegetables, abundant fresh local seafood and  free range meats available. A joy to work with, and a joy to eat! Enjoy!

Lamb Shank - Fiji Fusion Style!

Lamb Shank Rogan Josh – a fusion of slow-cooked Moroccan technique with tangy Indian flavours using local organic tamarind, oranges & freshly roasted Fijian spices


Madras Curry of Peking Duck

Wild Duck Curry, coconut chutney, tamarind relish, coriander salsa, roti cigar and  steamed rice. The free range duck is sourced from a local organic farm; the coconut is freshly grated everyday; the relish is made from tart Fijian tamarind; and the roti is made one hour before service by loving Fijian hands!

Five Spiced Crispy Fijian Pork Belly with Appleslaw

Five Spiced Crispy Skin Pork, Waldorf watercress salad, caramelised spiced walnuts, hoi sin plum relish. The Fijian pork belly is from free range farms; the organic watercress, celery and apples are dressed with apple cider aioli; and the walnuts are caramelised with cinnamon and  ginger.

Fijian Freshwater Prawns with Mango Salsa

Incredibly fresh seafood is yours for the asking at Castaway Island, Fiji. Huge freshwater prawns are in abundance in this island paradise as are fresh mangoes.

Fijian Mackeral with Ocean Prawns

Ika Ura Vakalolo – Fijian Walu Mackeral and  ocean prawns poached in local ginger, lemongrass and fresh coconut milk, with steamed taro, river spinach and coconut salsa.

New Apetizer Plate - Castaway Island Style

Fijian Assiette plate of chicken and ginger sui mai, smoked duck in coconut salsa, Moca spinach and  mascarpone arancini & California roll with seaweed caviar. One of the new apetizer plates we are testing.

Thai Herbal Chicken and Coconut Broth

Thai Chicken & Galangal Soup (Tom Kha Gai) – this classic Thai soup is made from chicken stock, Suva-grown fresh galangal and fresh coconut cream, with bamboo shoots and baby corn.


Tiramisu Sundae

Tiramisu Sundae with Kahlua-soaked biscuits, New Zealand mascarpone and  Savusavu rainforest chocolate!


Volcanic Chocolate Fondant with caramelised bananas, vanilla ice cream and sauce Anglaise


Affogato – the classic Italian dessert served Fijian style!


Basil Panna Cotta infused with Fijian-grown herbal basil.