Chef Lance Seeto | Fusion Fijian

Fusion Fijian

Fiji is a living ancient civilization with a unique blend of Pasifika, Indian and Chinese culinary influences. Now in his fifth year on the iconic Castaway Island, fiji, Chef Lance Seeto is credited with pioneering regional Fijian cuisine by embracing the artisan techniques and flavours of the islands. His “1808″ Fijian-Asian fusion restaurant has been nominated for Best Restaurant in Fiji, and was inspired by the first arrival of the Chinese to Fiji in July 1808. Using South Pacific techniques of wood fires, seawater and citrus-curing, Seeto has develop a new style of cuisine with the unmistakable flavours of Asia.


The above Dalo Gnocchi Pasta (Stir fried in Asian sauces like the Sizzling Beef hotplate from 1808) is available on Chef Lance Seeto’s s recipes page.

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