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Pacific diet is more healthy than Western foods, chef says – Australia Network News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation).

Adding virgin coconut oil to freshly squeezed ginger juice is well tested herbal remedy for colds, flus and stomach bugs

I developed this natural medicine last year when I was trying to kill a flu bug faster. The anti-viral and anti-microbial properties of the virgin coconut oil kills the bad bacteria, nourishes the immune system and flushes the gastrointestinal tract. The ginger helps settles nausea and any stomach cramps, allowing you to eat fresh nutrient-dense superfoods to strengthen the immune system to enable faster recovery. The raw honey in this recipe is also medicine and its sweetness helps balance out…

Fijian’s are very lucky that their fresh fruits and vegetables are in abundance and for the most part, grown organically without pesticides and herbicides.  They are also extremely lucky that this organic produce is cheap – dirt cheap compared to Western countries. Tropical pineapples, papaya and watermelon sell for as little as USD$0.50 per kilogram, whilst in Australia and the US, the cost of organic foods is up to 70% more than the mass-produced, chemically-laced produce available in most supermarkets. …