Chef Lance Seeto | Meet Lance Seeto the Writer

Meet Lance Seeto the Writer

Lance Seeto: Chef, Writer and Blogger

Lance is more than the executive chef at Castaway Island Resort in beautiful Fiji, he is also an active columnist for the Fiji Times & avid blogger. He writes to share his passion and inspiration with others. Always taking on new challenges and sharing his experiences, Lance has many lessons to teach us all and more than enough delicious recipes to share. Keep up with his blog and look for his articles in the Fiji Times!


Lance’s feature on American Chef Charlie Palmer’s love of Fiji’s fine cuisine!

America’s Top Chef Gives Thumbs Up to New Cuisine by Lance Seeto

You’ve probably never heard of him, but in the U.S. his name is as American as Apple Pie, McDonalds and Coca Cola.

He is the Godfather of modern American cuisine, and one of the most celebrated chefs and restauranteurs in recent history. But in Fiji he is only known as Charlie, and that’s the way he likes it and one of the reasons why his family come back to our tropical islands.

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